Chambering Barrels—

If you’re looking to replace an old barrel that’s worn out on your hunting rifle, or you want a custom barrel blank to be thread and chambered for your precision rifle set up, we’ve got you covered. We indicate barrels in co-axially to within .0002”-.0003”, check and re-indicate if necessary throughout the threading and chambering process to have as little chamber run out as possible.


If you are wanting as much accuracy out of your rifle as possible, then blueprinting is something to think about. We will center & indicate your receiver coaxially off of the bolt raceways down to .0002”-.0003”. We true up the receiver face, single point cut the existing threads, and cut the lug seats. Then we move on to the bolt-truing up the bolt face, bolt nose, and lugs. Making sure everything is lined up in your set up is necessary when you’re making that very important shot!

Thread Muzzle For A Brake Or Suppressor—

Wanting to attach your favorite muzzle device or suppressor to your firearm? We offer threading services for industry standard common thread types as well as proprietary thread types for every device you’d like to attach to your muzzle. We cut our threads to a Class 3A thread to ensure you have the the tightest fitting thread for suppressors.


—Seamless Muzzle Brake

I think we’re all fans of not only our guns being able to shoot amazing but also to be aesthetically pleasing as well! When installing our proprietary brakes, we can also perfectly match the contour of your barrel by machining both surfaces to the same diameter so that the two pieces of metal appear to be one. Go ahead, zoom in. Let’s see if you can spot the seam!

Muzzle Crowning—

If your current crown is a little beat up and needs to be re-done or you want to choose what crown to put on your brand new barrel, we have a handful of options for you to choose from. This particular example is a hybrid between a recessed crown and an 11° target crown.

  • Hunter’s Crown

  • 11° Target Crown

  • Recessed Crown

  • Hybrid Recessed/11° Target Crown


—Tactical Bolt Knob Install

If you need a little more to grab onto to ensure you cycle that bolt, a popular upgrade is installing a bolt knob onto your existing bolt. We do this by turning down, and then single point threading your knob on a lathe, and screwing on your choice of various styles of bolt knobs available on the market.

Action Bedding—

Rigidity is king when it comes to anything mechanical. Same thing applies when securing your action to your stock for getting repeatable shot-to-shot accuracy and also for accruate positioning when taking it in and out of the stock. Bedding the stock, as well as adding aluminum pillars, adds a solid, perfectly formed foundation for the action to sit and tighten into the stock. Then you won’t have to worry about inconsistently installing, and potentially crushing the stock material. If you’re wanting to tighten up your groups and want some serious accuracy gains, we can bed your stock for you!


—Custom Machining

  • Opening Up Bolt Faces & Rail Work For Larger Calibers

  • M16/Sako Style Extractor Install

  • Bolt Jeweling

  • Cutting Dovetails For Sights

  • Side Bolt Release

  • Drill & Tap For Scope Base

  • Converting Current Chamber Into An Ackley Improved

  • Lining Rimfire Barrels

    ….And much much more!