—This page is for everyone who couldn’t find the work they needed done on any of our other sections. We’ll try to cover as much as possible. As always, you can contact us and ask. Chances are, we’ll be able to get it done for you or point you in the right direction.


—Scope Mounting

This service includes properly installing the scope base or rail base to the receiver, installing the scope rings to the base and leveling the scope to the rifle, utilizing thread locking compound where needed. We will properly torque all the screws to recommended factory specs, followed by laser bore sighting to your desired distance. When you get to the range you’ll be very close to your point of aim. You’ll be able to zero your rifle right where you want it without wasting ammunition.

Grind-To-Fit Recoil Pad—

Having a hand-fit recoil pad installed on your gun stock will give it a very unique & clean look to your firearm. The stock’s heel and toe will meet the new recoil pad with a tight flush finish, where the base of the pad's lines are uninterrupted and the pad will appear to be an extension of the stock.

—Chamber Cast

If you’re unsure about the caliber of your unmarked barrel, chamber casting is a great way to find out. The same goes if you just want to know your throat length. We utilize Cerrosafe to perform a near perfect casting of your chamber and compare key measurements to multiple chamber and cartridge drawings to determine the specific caliber. It’s never safe to assume the caliber of your firearm, if you aren’t absolutely certain. Let us perform a chamber cast for you and get you in the right & safe direction.

Other General Shop Work—

  • Sight Installs

  • Lapping Scope Rings

  • Front Sight Bead Installs

  • Sling Swivel Stud Installs

  • Flush Cup Installs

  • Assembling AR Style Rifles & Pistols From Parts

  • Live Round Removal

  • Seized Choke Tube Removal

  • Zeroing In Firearm At Range

  • And much, much more…