—Whether your firearm is broken, not working properly, or you’re just not comfortable disassembling your firearm for a proper cleaning, leave it to us. We can take care of it for you.


—Field Strip Cleaning

Get your firearm cleaned before or after the season. Field stripping, cleaning and properly oiling key components before re-assembling will get your gun back up and going in no time.

Detailed Cleaning—

More often than not, malfunctions occurring in the firearm are partially due to it being excessively dirty. With this, we’ll tear it down to its smallest component so long as it’s not soldered, riveted, staked or welded in place. We will clean all the parts, check headspace, oil, then assemble and test fire for proper function. Usually this will remedy the initial problem.



—General Repair Work

This is assessed at an hourly shop rate. When parts are worn or broken we can usually source parts to replace. If necessary and in some cases, we are able to make parts that cannot be obtained.

Some Other Common Repair Work Includes:

  • Fix Feeding, Extraction & Ejection Problems

  • Fix Timing & End Shake Problems On A Revolver

  • Re-Staking Of Shell Stops, Plunger Tubes, Front Sights & Gas Keys.

  • Fix Light Primer Strike Issues

  • And Much More…