Gunsmiths of Liberty, LLC was founded by two Marine Corps veterans, Matt & Jake. Being Kansas City natives, they both grew up enjoying hunting & shooting sports. After serving in the Marine Corps, they promptly attended the Colorado School of Trades where they first met, being in the same class. While pursuing their degrees in gunsmithing, Matt & Jake developed a plan to open up a full service gunsmithing shop. Upon graduating, with the help of close family and friends, they designed and built their own shop. They opened up their doors for business in October of 2018, just north of Kansas City in Lawson, Missouri. 

Their distinct shop layout sets them apart from your regular gunsmithing shop where everything happens behind closed doors. In their shop you'll have a full view of their workshop and benches, as well as being quickly welcomed by Matt, Jake or even their awesome shop dog, Chica! They'll be able to discuss your firearm needs whether it be a simple repair or cleaning or even planning your dream custom gun build. Or you can always just come check them out and maybe share a memorable hunting or shooting story with them.

 Matt & Jake look at the work they perform not as being technicians, but as craftsmen. The attention to detail and constant pursuit of perfection & precision is something that is put into every job that lands on their benches, whether it be a simple cleaning or a full ground up build. They put the same level of quality and precision workmanship into every job, as if it was their own personal firearm, before it can go out the door!



CHICA *The Glorified Shop Dog