—Putting Life Back Into Your Firearm

If it’s been a family heirloom for generations, or a newly acquired used gun that’s just more neglected than you’d like it to be, or even in some cases been through a fire, we’ve got a fix for it. For metal components we utilize traditional bluing methods such as rust bluing & browning, as well as today’s commonly used caustic salts bluing or hot salts bluing, as well as Cerakote for certain parts to make it look new. We can also completely refinish your wood components such as the stock and fore-end, attempting to remove any major imperfections, finishing it with stains, oils and sealers commonly used & trusted in the trade.



When pitting takes advantage of your firearm, it can not only ruin the look of the gun, but if you don’t stop it in time, it can also ruin the safety and function as well. Let us get most, if not, all your pitting out of the metal and put that deep blue finish back into your firearm and keep it protected for years to come.

Wood Refinishing—

Putting a new finish on wood components can give a firearm a completely different look. We provide hand-rubbed oil finishes, as well as staining before hand, to get the color of the wood where you want it, and really make the different grains of the wood pop. Choose between an open or closed pore finish and we’ll give new life to the wood!

—Reviving Fire-Damaged Guns

When dealing with a tragedy such as a house fire, most if not all belongings in the house are completely destroyed. In some cases the gun doesn’t get quite hot enough to ruin the temper in the metal. We’re able to revive firearms that have been through most fires. Go ahead and scroll through, you’ll see that we refinished this particular gun to nearly new condition.