—Cerakote is the industry leading thin-film ceramic coating available in the market for firearms. Its capabilities to be almost completely resistant to corrosion and superior abrasion protection, while also being aesthetically pleasing, makes it the #1 choice for many firearm enthusiasts and serious outdoorsmen.


—Single Color

Cerakote has 100’s of colors to choose from. We keep many of the common colors in stock, however if there are any colors you would like to use on your firearm to make it unique we can work with you on getting what you want.

Contrasting Colors—

You also have the option to choose more than one color when you Cerakote your firearm. By choosing a second color, you can uniquely contrast parts such as the trigger, safety lever, barrel, hammer, and whatever else you think would look amazing as an accented part!

Distressed Or “Battle Worn”—

A common trend these days in the industry is giving your firearm a personal feel by not only contrasting with different colors on accent parts but going the extra step to make the finish look worn. Don’t worry, you still get 100% of the protection Cerakote offers, just giving it that worn look.