—Hydrodip is one of the few services we offer that is actually outsourced to our close friend Michael at Wilder Gunsmithing located in Memphis, TN. It’s a finish for your firearm that is a hydrographic film decoration, or water transfer printing. Many people refer to this process as “having your gun dipped” because the exterior parts of the firearm are “dipped” into a tank that facilitates the process of transferring a printed sheet of film onto the firearm. Camouflage patterns are the most popular type of decoration that we apply to guns, and we offer both Mossy Oak and Realtree camo pattern options. However, other designs are available as well for gun owners that want the benefits of hydrographics without the look of camoflauge. Benefits include easy cleaning and maintenance, a protective weather barrier, and masking of wear and tear on the gun.


Mossy Oak Shadowgrass—

—Mossy New Bottomland

Hydrodip & Cerakote—

A popular choice most shooters opt for is applying Cerakote to the metal components of their firearm for superior protection, while applying Hydrodip to the stock and fore-end.